What is a squirrel midden?

Basically, a squirrel's favorite spot to eat. The squirrel midden is the mess of leftovers squirrels leave after eating.

Squirrel Midden or their Picnic Table

One favorite food of the red squirrel is the spruce cone. Sitting on their favorite branch, stump, or wherever, they pull the outside bits of the cone off, letting them fall to the ground below, and eat the seeds inside. The piles of left over spruce cone bits below are often easily found around a spruce forest floor. They can get pretty big, some reported as large as garages.

Squirrels also hide or store their food for the winter. They do not always remember where they have hidden some of the spruce cones. Often you will see holes around the midden where they may or may not have had a successful search. Some of the forgotten ones may grow into spruce trees.

Why store food? Red squirrels do not hibernate, they remain active through out the winter. The extra caches of food can come in handy when supplies are low during the cold months.

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