Nature Themed Party Activities?

For a party (whatever kind it is), party activities with a nature theme can be appropriate and make your event more unique.

Celebrate with the birthday person's favourite animal, plant or phenomena as a theme for games, crafts, treasure hunts and other activities.

For a slumber party, pick a nocturnal animal as a theme.

Going away party? Why not pick migration as a theme or an animal that goes long distances, like many birds, monarch butterflies, emperor penguins, or salmon?

Retirement party? Maybe have a fishing theme.

Once you have the theme, it can be easy to adapt different activities to fit:


Make your chosen animal/plant.


For team games you can have one side with theme name and other side named as predator or prey of your theme.

Some team games:

  • Owls and Crows - rules are
    1. make a true/false statement
    2. if true, owls try to tag crows, if false, crows try to tag owls
    3. if a person is tagged, they join the other side
    4. make another true/false statement)
  • Dodgeball (try it with balloons)
  • What time is it Mr. Wolf
  • Red Rover
  • Tag
For musical chairs you can use paw prints or homes, such as "holes" for creatures living underground, instead of chairs.

Other Activities

Make a Treasure Hunt with facts of your chosen wildlife. Or have a themed scavenger hunt.

Have puzzles picturing your theme.

Bring out a live or dead version of your theme for hands on experiences.

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