My Kerry Wood Nature Centre Adventures...

... Working there may have made me biased but also experienced in knowing that the adventures at Kerry Wood Nature Centre extend to everyone.

Fun with Nature Enthusiasts
The back windows face the Gaetz Lake Sanctuary. So many times I have looked out these windows to see some type of wildlife, whether it's birds at the birdfeeder, deer (funny enough, at the birdfeeder), a weasel darting about, or a moose walking by. Taking the 4 km path around the sanctuary, you almost forget you are in the city.

Fun with Wheels
I've had many great memories with families down the 1 km loop in the Sanctuary. It is paved so mothers are able to take their small children in strollers and others to take friends or family in wheelchairs. We looked upon the squirrel tree (with squirrel nests), the woodpecker tree (woodpecker holes in tree), the porcupine tree (bark eaten by porcupine), and many other signs critters have left.

Fun with Walkers
People out and about have made some neat wildlife sightings. One Christmas Eve(the nature centre is open every day except for Christmas), a family pointed out a porcupine sleeping way up in a tree.

Fun with Action Takers
I learned lots about "green" alternatives, by looking right at them! The nature centre has explored and demonstrates alternative methods with parts of its own building, a few examples, the solar panels and waterless urinal.

Fun with Kids
I have taken kids through the interactive displays and into the Discovery Room. They love the thunderstorm display (as do I). You get to push a button to start a real storm, and watch a part of the water cycle. Of course the live animals in the discovery rooom are a big hit - the salamanders and garter snakes. Often if you ask one of the staff, they can bring out one of the animals for you. There's nothing like seeing people's reactions to the non-sliminess of snake skin and the super sliminess of salamander skin.

Fun with Adults
Telling stories of the stars and pointing out constellations or leading a moonlight snowshoe through the forest of nearby McKenzie Trails were great ways of meeting new friends and learning new perspectives. A lot of chatting and laughter, ahhh, those were some good times.

If you would like to visit the Kerry Wood Nature Centre, it is in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. You can visit its website at for more information.

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