Practice Prints

Practice Prints can be a very useful way to learn how tracks tell a story, simply by making tracks yourself. Walk a distance (best in snow, mud, or something where you will be able to see your footprints). Then run a distance. How does it look different? Try different things... stopping, turning, walking on all fours, and then examine your tracks.

You can make it a game with your friends or family. With their eyes closed, make some tracks, however you want. Then let them look at your tracks and try to guess what happened. You don't have to make your own foot prints either... For example, you could make tracks with various items through play dough. You could then even try to guess what item someone used to make the prints.

Practicing the skills of identifying and thinking of different paths one can make, is very useful to predicting animal behaviours and stories from animal tracks left in the field (or forest, mountains, etc.).

For more information on tracks in the field, check out

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