Let's Start some Nature Adventures!

Nature adventures can start in your backyard, with a walk in a park, a visit to a natural or cultural attraction or by participating in community events. You just need to get out there. When vacationing to new places, why not check out a nature trail or a protected park?
Here are some of my favorite adventures and tidbits...

Check out your local nature centre. The best one I have been to is:

Kerry Wood Nature Centre, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
With displays, bookstore and sanctuary with a 4 km and 1 km trail, this a beautiful place to have fun and learn about the surrounding ecosystems.

Medicine River Wildlife Centre, Spruce View, Alberta, Canada
This place is dedicated to animals, people and the environment through their wildlife rehabilitation, education and research. You can take a tour or walk down their 20 min nature trail to an observation tower, volunteer, adopt an animal or partake in/book one of their many educational programs.

Metis Crossing, Smoky Lake, Alberta, Canada
This is the place to experience the exciting culture of the metis. This ancient crossing is authectically and interactively managed by the metis, telling their story. A campground and RV parking is also provided.


Of course I am only one person, if there are any fun places and events you know of that you would like to share,

send me a message.

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