Welcome to my Little Spot of Nature in the World!

At this website you will be able to find tidbits of nature information that I have learned and am learning about.

The world holds an unimaginable number of natural wonders.

So many wonders, it's hard for me to call myself an "expert". So my site is more about being an "enthusiast". I'll pass along the little tidbits that I have learned along my travels, some things to ponder, some fun things to do and some cool places to visit. And I would love to hear any of your own tidbits or help you find answers to your questions so feel free to contact me.

Check out the Wildlife Fact File for exciting tidbits on these living things around us.

With so many creatures and people going in all sorts of directions, the world can be a very interesting place. Find out more and feel free to share your tidbits under Living For Discussion
- what is going on - latest issues - opinions - stories and poems

Of course, the Earth's mysteries are not only interesting to identify and ponder upon...

You can catch insight into the natural world with some fun Activities
- as a couple - with the family - with your group - with your school

And you can discover more at different places and events. A new Adventure is waiting for you.

I hope you enjoy learning these tidbits from my little spot of nature and that you have an awesome day in this crazy, beautiful, natural world of ours.

P.S. Remember, if you have any questions or want more information, I am only an email away (just click on Contact Me).

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The Wildlife Fact File
The Wildlife Fact File has exciting tidbits to help you answer all your nature questions... all about animals, signs that tell you they are around, and of course about plants as well.
Living For Discussion
By living for discussion of nature, we learn different perspectives enabling us to make better decisions. Here you can hear different views through current issues, opinions, stories, etc.
Nature Activities
These nature activities, whether for couples, children, families, research or fun, are some examples of the tons of things you can do with nature.
Nature Adventures
Nature adventures can be found practically everywhere. Here are some fun places and events you will want to check out.
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Why contact me? By sharing your stories, ideas and questions, we can build on the knowledge we have of nature. And it's fun! A win-win situation.
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